Zetadec assists in product development with emphasis on the interaction between bulk solidsraw materials and processing technology. Develops R&D strategies, provides design of experiments and sub- sequent statistical analysis and modeling. Key unit-operations are agglomeration, mixing, milling and drying. Assessments of compound feed manufacturing lines.


Vet Online Consultancy

Vet Online Consultancy Vet Online Consultancy is specialized in authorization and pharmacovigilance veterinary medicines, for companies that are active in, or need support in the development, authorization, distribution and also safety of veterinary medicines.


Thielen Consult

Thielen Consult is a partner for food safety and maintains quality assurance systems like IFS, BRC, HACCP and GMP+ for companies in the food and feed-sector. In addition, Thielen Consult provides project management and back office functions for several organizations in the food and feed sector.


New Businesses Agrifood

New Businesses supports business development projects in the agrifood-chain: farmer, grower—agrifood-industry—retail—consumer, citizen, with focus on agri. New Businesses is hosting innovation. We make ideas work, support collaboration, develop new products and raise funds. Our pay off: healthy food, healthy land, healthy profit.


KEA Consult

KEA Consult KEA Consult focuses on strategic advice, strategic innovation and new business development for the food and agri sector. Specific attention to developments in the field of protein transition, circularity and digital.



HinSA | Society & Agrifood HinSA initiates and directs projects and programs on the interface of society and agri-food.


Hemke Nutriconsult

Hemke Nutriconsult: supports strategic innovations, provides project management, conducts training and consultancy with respect to animal nutrition. In addition, HEMKE NUTRICONSULT provides international assistance to producers, integrators and institutes in developing and marketing of sustainable, tasteful animal products.



Groeikracht BV is a private consulting company that provides research, advisory and training services about soil, forage and silage management.



Foodfysica is your knowledge partner on cereal-, protein- & meat technology. Foodphysica has key expertise on the chemistry and biophysics of cereal grains encompassing various applications in food. Moreover, we support companies in the area of food quality, texture and product development of both animal derived and non-animal derived foods.



BDFI (Business Developments Feed Ingredients) provides expert support in the field of bio-functional ingredients and animal feed additives.


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